Ain’t That Entertainment

The darker your skin, makes you more likely kin to the part
You win to begin, when you realize your sin was to play it smart
Just what they wanted, your bitterest pain
To be played out again, and again, and again
It is financial times, and you are today’s big winner
You are only a beginner, so heed the many visions good
Take a few steps back and picture where the big ones stood
When you can watch your own come apart at the seams, and stand by
You cannot cry, cause you held their gaze and lit the match yourself
They want us to forget the past as it never was, and we threw it back
Watch them all fall to the ground and bleed for your vote
To speak her line, and his line, on their dime bespoke
A matter of time like we gave them has past
We were fed lines by lions to keep us alive
Struck down at last, when they ran out of script
No one else was there with decks stacked
Just echoes of sons of bitches, we can say at last
As it was written in our lines, and we expect to memorize them
Like good children we read them, and re-read them
Take your last bow number one, number two, and number three
When you blink they will chain your limbs, for burial at sea
Ain’t that entertainment

The deepest of love, makes me more likely a slave from the start
Naive and behaved when I realize he savours me, torn apart
Just what he wants, my bitterest pain
To feed on again, and again, and again
It is a sign of the times, and I am to be tonight’s dinner
An absolute beginner, so steep the grade for an easy slip
Spin a few years back for a listen to the record of a fateful trip
When he bites and grinds as my body is thrown, and he smiles wide
I cannot cry, as he holds his gaze and I consume his whole fire myself
He wants me to forget the past, as it never was, and I threw it back
Why I still fall at his feet, willing to bleed empty
To write my rhyme, and his rhyme, and ours exposed
Only a matter of time for the poetess life becomes prose
To be bitten by his snakes, burned alive at his stakes
Cast out at last, when he ran out of script
Once joined in resonation, until he turned his back
Now just an echo of the son of a bitch, I can say at last
As is read between lines those I expect to memorize
Like a true lover I fantasize, romanticize, idealize
A prick to the heart one, two, encore, and take your killer bow
Cause, ain’t that entertainment


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on March 3, 2014.

2 Responses to “Ain’t That Entertainment”

  1. really amazed at your level of writing. not a huge fan of poetry to be honest, but I came across your site and you may have converted me. maybe only a sexy women writer/pet convert, but a changed guy none the less.

  2. Hoooollllllyyyyyyy shit. Blown away

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