Birth of a nation, birth of a child,

All that is vital, heady, and mild.

Fighting for freedoms, powered by rage,

Free birthing a babe, regardless of age.

Revolution en force to startle a king,

Revolution of value the parent does bring.

An enduring plight; a midnight ride.

No shame in a moment of boundless pride.


Strike up the night.

Line up the cannons.

Burn up the sky.

Remember the one that fell before you;

Hold on to the one who truly adores you.

Freedom will ring; the last cap shot.

As a father weeps, his baby caught.

Loving hands stoke memories.

Liberty is in letting go.


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on July 4, 2010.

7 Responses to “Revolutions”

  1. revolutionary!

  2. Yes! This is truly wonderful. The images and the song that is evoked through your words is very exciting. You have a good talent here. Great job!

  3. Your poetry evokes thought as it should. I like how you seem to play with double meaning.
    Your work is not this literal contrived, or obvious expression, but a colorful journey of discovery and mystery. You should really try to go deeper and see what you can uncover about yourself. You are certainly capable.
    I would like to see even more vulnerability from you. Do not be afraid to speak, for fear of hurting anyone- let it go (as you have said).
    Great work, Joy.

  4. one of my favorites!

  5. truly a gift

  6. Joy, I like the dual meaning in “revolutions”. At first I did not quite get the comparison, but after reading it a couple of times, I think I finally see the parallel. This is really clever and beautiful. I guess that is your style, subtle and deep. Some of the poems are laced with aggression and at the same time peppered with delicate beauty. I like how you go “there” and then bring us back to the beauty. I enjoy your writing very much and look forward to what you show us next.

  7. Love love it girl

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