To Identity And Beyond

Right to see a way out for I have not one
To suspect slow to block blares
Right to show no mercy to idols and men
To turn espouse too engage aloper
Right to blood azure wealth of my powys
To memory of lady before lost title in her youth
Am I right to sense perhaps long lists are just?
And that only now can it all make sense
That vast difference so poised to reflect my fault
Too can we celebrate my cause toward a beautiful life
Breathes only for the lie that I am okay with the way things are
Right my happiness is dead along side the man I love
Too regret the discovery of the life I hoped to avoid
How do I escape this madness pain of loss?
Right thee sends me weeping as I write
Right bardress remains suture ides of elder
Right to affect merely wishes
To suffer this dream remembered
Not last unleashed in death but infinity


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on June 30, 2015.

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