Blood And Understanding

Ten days in

I toast myself

A public bloodletting

And finally, those left fallen in front of me

To look around said self now seems silly

And sad, among the dead souls

Let me pause to chuckle a moment..


When my blood reaches your doorstep

You will come to me like you always have

I love you

I wait in complete pain and anticipation thinking about the direction your hair grows

At the nape of your neck

And that half smile you try not to give


I am not like the others

I am the in-between, the perhaps, the time being

I was a lost child, and you loved me

I do not look like you

Or think like you

Or want what you have

I want what you are


And what I want requires complete destruction of everything around me

Then you will realize what I meant, twenty years our ghost

Our nature

I will stroke your face while I look you in the eye

To remind you: I saved the best for last.


The bodies at my feet belong to me

Withered and sallow they, the Me I play

To be lined against the wall and struck down

One by one, by One

It almost makes me feel—


But, there is no occasion for that now

I have got a date with Creation,

And she slapped me last time I was late


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on January 10, 2012.

3 Responses to “Blood And Understanding”

  1. WOW! You are a surprise at every turn my dear. Where do you attend graduate school? Are you at Tulane? Keep writing!

  2. love is such a hard topic because we act differently with different people and you do not know if you are really seeing the whole person. in my opinion time is the only thing that can truly tell you the truth about people

  3. peace, love, and understanding! good stuff!

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