Must have agreed.

Must have given in.

Must have.

Must have.

Bow to the family.

Bow to the floor.

Bow to your master.

Glad to lay across his wooden bed.

Glad to lift the dress over-head.

Never your equal.

Forever your slave.

But I must have agreed.

Must have.


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on October 14, 2009.

7 Responses to “Quadroon”

  1. agreed! contemporary and poetic

  2. this is crazy! i just earned about the quadroon in our african history class. i had no idea! then i found this page. has this always been so well known in our generation? i thought it was a lost society. not sure if you are quadoon yourself, but i appraciate the poetic nod to your heritage. great poem and great site!

  3. I LOVE this poem. LOVE it.

  4. to me this says more than that. it does not have to be about race it can be about allowing anyone to do whatever they want to you.

  5. totally cool

  6. quadroon means “quarter black” but i read somewhere that she is half german and half ethiopian. maybe there is more

  7. i noticed that some of your posts are about race. are you black or mixed? i like that you address these topics so openly

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