Lend Me Your Lear

When I thought it was safe to let you in
You brought in the spark that burned my house down
Making mud with your boots, a mass grave over clovers
Answers come swiftly, for we who see things from inside to out
Who let our knives dull, then drive them in deep
A Wallis with a win to pin on a will to stand strongly against the wall
Should arrange to catch myself before I let you choose my fate
In time I find sublime lines up less at best with what I try
For a brain on flame ruins this and that
And still I wonder why it costs me, and more than you
Our cherub lay dead at the impasse where you find fault
His face looks like yours, but his eyes are bluer
Now you are through, and all said in circumstantial ways, don me hanged
The error I have in me you say is desire, now I know better
When I should have turned away
I turn stone into a bloom for the young and true
Nothing My Lord, can prepare the Fool’s expectation of love
Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing
Blind by it, and sure the lesson as it was cast
So is my path, and I choose to follow it
I no longer stand beside my man
I am him


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on July 1, 2014.

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