My Black Knight


To lie awake with you

Or, to sleep, I crave

My heart slows to a fatal beat in repose

My sea, my rain, my earth, my stars

My years fade no sound

But, fade my voice

You have gone grave

Tenderness buried beneath a-salt

On the flesh is experience

I thought, so

What is real?

No Knight beyond a window matters


My Knight in Shining Armour


A motion in response to suffering

And Suffrage

And Sex

And Seclusion

Only a lesson in love can be so complete

And shelter a heart stone under blood pacts

An accomplice to com place to common place

And wan wanderlust

How could I know?

Be still a Knight with no view


My Stainless Knight


You scold me

You bold thief

How to please you rightly

Before you go, a drift

One gaze should be so close, a gift

Troupe to stage play in-act

A fantasy for thee, three made for two, too

And you won, one

Still a-Miss in tone, and want to win you over

At last, then

How should I live?

A Knight watched alone is not courage



I find myself in trio

Blame it on the fates

Claimed in the city

Under fire frocked gates, and still

Because after all, it inspires me

What other means do we

To get the chemicals moving

So I say unto thee

Let me be your warning

Only such a Lady

Finds herself in mourning


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on July 28, 2012.

5 Responses to “TRIO”

  1. I have to read this 1,000 times and still I find more meaning in each stanza. Really great Thanks

  2. you know this is really fascinating writing. you have a unique style and an unusual tempo. I would go far enough to say you have created a completely original way of expressing yourself. i enjoy reading very much and i look forward to your next confession….i mean, creation.

  3. Agreed! But Joy, don’t worry so much. You dwell too much on what you have done wrong in your relationships so you should spend more time being thankful and happy for the good things you were able to contribte to them. We all make mistakes and we have to forgive ourselves. I am sure “He” already has forgiven you.

  4. you are so lovely

  5. last year i got involved in a romance that changed me forever. we are not together anymore but he opened my eyes to how people can change in the blink of an eye. one minute they tell you everything is great only to find out they are not even the person you thought. i was so hurt but i realized you have to allow yourself to be open even if it means you can be hurt again. just not by the same person!!!! love you

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