Beyond The Pale

My Lover

Who art not in heaven

Pall be thy game

My kingdom done

My will be gone

On heart as it is in death

Give me my daily wound

And forgive not my rages

As I yearn for whom raged against me

Please lead me, Temptation

Please surrender me, Malevolent

For I am the realm

Of pain

Of ardor

And of mourning

Without end


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on March 12, 2012.

6 Responses to “Beyond The Pale”

  1. great stuff, girl

  2. this poem is really amazing. this was only the 1st or 2nd post i read and had to give my two sense. i like how you used a familiar vessel for your words because this way people are attracted to it because it is familiar, but when the words are read as they are it obviously is a very different meaning. i think you are very brave for letting other peole read your pain and love in your heart. it is not easy to open up in front of others that way. i don’t think i could do it! I also think your message is beautiful

  3. what is service 2012? anyway i am a fan! you are fearless

  4. brave to use

  5. i have enjoyed your writing for some time. love is a great subject to study and to interpret. i think you should keep exploring the depths of your heart. i am sure we all enjoy following you there

  6. You are a tortured beautiful soul

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