Ye Tang Che

Our hands slip apart
Face becomes a blur
Soft sound slowly escapes, slips
He Laughs
A circle closes inward
Becoming black
Time then pushes into
That space
Weakness is
Hopeless are we
And so alone
Trying to hold on to
You out there
Is like
October sun
My son
Southern rain
And rien
And rien
And rien


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on May 17, 2011.

7 Responses to “Ye Tang Che”

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  2. I never heard this term before now and all of a sudden I hear it twice in one day!

  3. good theories when ye tang che can be sued to express the love and exhaustion at once. i think we are too full of ego sometimes to admit that we are fed up and want to give up. i applaude your willingness to explore these concepts and your openness in sharing them with us. i want to add that your also quite beautiful

  4. what does it mean? I googled but still not clear. thanks

  5. fascinating

  6. yes

  7. i nearly died. you leave me breathless

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