Why Meditate?

Dear Nina

It is not perfect

You know how I feel

And, it is not about that

Chances are, you are wrong

Like Tenzin feels pain

Like Tyro feels pain

I beg your just

Confusion is

Kindness is

Acceptance is

A blossom


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on January 25, 2011.

14 Responses to “Why Meditate?”

  1. yes.

  2. well well well. if they are talking about you, you know you are doing something right!

  3. calm down people. sheesh

  4. I am SO sick of the DOUBLE STANDARD!

    WHY is it okay for “Him” and not “Her?”

    Why is is okay for “artists” to write about their vices or whatever, but it is not okay for the “regular” person.
    Why do we always allow poetic liscence to the people who have made money or fame, like rock stars but complain when any other person chooses to express themselves in a similar way?
    Why bash on another creative person?

  5. meditation is not an art form. it is available to all. all the chatter about who and who is BS. keep writing, you are perfect.

  6. “Anon,” you couldn’t be more wrong. Meditation is not about changing oneself and Buddhism is not about changing oneself. The recognition of one’s faults and vices is encouraged and loving oneself in spite of these is maitri, or loving kindness. It is about befriending who we are already. You can still be angry, you can still be crazy, you can still be confused, or as you say, obsessed. Practice, or the Path, is acceptance.

  7. Anon is just a personal attack, clearly. Don’t let it get you upset. That is what they want.
    Good job.

  8. I actually think a very valid point is being missed here. Meditation is exactly when we look at the most ugly and negative parts of ourselves. It is not about patting yourself on the back for how well we know philosophy! It is hypocritical to say that she does not know the right way to study. Because the point, which is made in this very post actually, is that even the most studious meditator, does not even know if he is doing it right. To question yourself is what we are SUPPOSED to do! A sage is as clueless as his student- brilliant. And true.

  9. When someone reads everything you have written, there is a word for that …Fan
    or …a Stalker.

  10. I disagree! There needs to be a dialogue. The fact that there are two very different opinions about an issue is fascinating and open discussion should be encouraged. I do not know anything about Buddhism or love for that matter so I am ready to learn!

  11. Not really the proper place for a debate

  12. So many experts, right! Everyone knows better than you. I love how people who pretend to be experts try to smash down others who are more creative and more interesting than they are. Buddhism is about egolessness, yet their huge ego couldn’t help but trash your insights and tell you that you are doing it wrong. Interesting.
    But you notice that they are still reading….
    Oh yeah, and they are “Anonymous” I guess that is like “No Self”

  13. I’ve read most of your poems and you are not a Buddhist nor zen student. So why pretend? Most of your poems are about longing & desire to the point of obsession. Yet no poems about awareness, stillness, compassion, paramis wisdom, mindfulness, nor emptiness. All of these qualities that you appear not to have. Try to learn the teachings on karma and paths to freedom because your poems have an unwell quality to them.

  14. joy, you are a breath of fresh air my friend. your words are deep pools of emotion and your poetic phrase is sublime only matched by the beauty in your eyes.
    thank you

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