Some Say

Trying little women, All in the show

Some left in the dark

Some in the know

Trying little women, Some rocked to and fro

Some thrown overboard

To lighten the load

Trying little women say, “Say his name!”

Some false dame may lay false claim

Some succumb to the weight

Trying little women, Laugh out loud

Some toward the hussy

Some toward the coward

Trying little women, Have earned equal right

To say what they feel

And fight with their might

To stay trying little women, Despite.


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on June 30, 2010.

11 Responses to “Some Say”

  1. love it!

    I think she did mean Regretsy.
    Anyway nyms can’t be copy writed-so just read the poetry and enjoy. Take your bickering elsewhere.

  3. jodi, how would you know? or is it jo? is it regret-sy? or registry?
    hey that makes a good pun. you people are all crazy.
    joy, you are crazy too, but you are hot and write cool shit.
    MEOW- i agrree

  4. Hey Jeff there is an Xniner that posts on go check it out! lol

  5. and the claws come out! MEOW

  6. So Jeff, by tracking any posts made by an Xniner (perhaps not your Xniner) doesn’t that by association make you a NINtard too? I mean if Xniner doesn’t know who Joy is but you do….well there you go.

  7. some say you might be a bit crazy. psychology major? i totally believe it. you are twisted, but you know i gotta say i freakin love you girl!

  8. What’s really sad, the nintards who track everything (X) does and gets into fights with one another. Xniner did not post the above comment on this board because xniner computer is monitored at work (i.e. 10:12am posting) and would be fired immediately. I highly doubt xniner even knows who Joy is. There are some really sick women who are tracking your blog Joy.

  9. You are very right! We have earned our say and right to fight!

  10. You really hit the nail on the head. I can SO relate to this feeling. BTW, I get that you are writing your life. It is funny how people think you are pining. you are just creating from your own experiences. I appreciate it. Makes me feel sane!

  11. right!

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