Feed The Dog

I have written many things today.

The problem is,

Afraid I will reveal too much.

But I still write.

Seems to be the only thing that makes it,

For a little while.

I cannot tell him what is really going on with me.

If I do I might lose him.

Gotta keep him on.

Even though I know I will not have him.

Even though I know I am not available.

Even though he knows what games I play.

Even though I know what games he plays.

Damn he is so fine.

See, this is what I mean when I say I better not show what I write.

I might give you away.

Might give me away.

The dog is hungry; she is whining in the kitchen;

Pisses me off.

Guess I will go feed her.


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on November 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “Feed The Dog”

  1. this made me laugh. i like your stuff

  2. Is this a poem? I don’t care. I like how you just write. Sometimes it is like a poem, and sometimes it seems like you are writing in a diary, or talking to someone. You know those types of movies or TV where the main character will break and look directly into the camera? It reminds me of that. Al in Married with Children would do that alot, or like in Ferris Beuler where Mathew Brodericks, character would talk to the camera. Interesing writing. Will come back for more.

  3. Joy, you are hilarious and deep. How do they mix? “Sharp objects and a good joke..” What a gal! Great job!

  4. Why did you start writing this blog?

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