Why The Hesitation

Why the hesitation?

Are you afraid to make your move?

You said you would do it.

You have something to prove.

Why the gentle hand?

You said you were strong.

You said it had power.

Must have done it all wrong.

Why the slow drip?

You said it would flow.

You said it was quick.

But now I know.

You have to warm it up, to get the deepest cut.

You have to lead her on, to get it done.

Why the hesitation?

Or is it regret?

It is just what you wanted.

You never let me forget.


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on October 16, 2009.

6 Responses to “Why The Hesitation”

  1. Joy,
    Would love to talk to you about pulling these posts together. You have a real talent. Give us a ring.

  2. hi! like your stuff girl!

  3. I guess the plan is fully executed.

  4. a woman so fragile and so fierce. i enJoy reading your heart dear lady.

    …i “Wish You Were Mine”…

  5. Whoa.

  6. this s really great. the cool thing about art is that it is up to the person how they are going to interpret it. even though you have tags giving clues to the meaning for you. we are left to our own imagination for deeper or alternate meaning

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