Farewell To Her Arms

We proudly bring you our Farewell!

We are pleased to serve you.

We appreciate your love and support.

Let us sing for you.

Let us scream for you.

Let us entertain you.

Meet us between the pages.

Meet us between the sheets.

Meet us in your town.

Meet us on the way down.

Follow the band leader.

Follow the Flood.

Follow the spiral down into the mud.

We proudly bring you our Farewell.

We are pleased to have been served by you.

We appreciate your $.


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on September 2, 2009.

8 Responses to “Farewell To Her Arms”

  1. smile and hugs

  2. again brilliant

  3. amazing way to write. i love it love it

  4. love the title. poem ain’t bad either 🙂

  5. you have a unique way of making a point. so many peole just write stupid shit about their lives on blogs. i hate all the mundane “oh i brushed my teeth today” and “we all went out and whooped it up” bull. NOBODY CARES! at least your blog is something more. there is heart there and vulnerability. it is refreshing to see someone making art, instead of ego

  6. lovely

  7. really great

  8. we can see ourselves in your poetry Joy.

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