Black Malva

Dark roots twisting needles into earth,

Dark fruits ripen for Black Malva.

Dark boots wedge between bone and bone,

Dark suits lined in Black Malva.

Dark looks down royal gallery,

Dark crooks respond with mimicry,

Dark books written about him,

Dark works signature paradigm,

Darkness dread,

Dark dress drops beside the bed of Black Malva.

Dark heart longs for one last tryst,

Dark blood pumps against open wrist.

All seems to keep in time with Black Malva.


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on August 18, 2009.

13 Responses to “Black Malva”

  1. :X more than a flower i think

  2. Malva is an perennial herb. A characteristic is that it starts out beautiful flowers and is fragrant, but then it turns shabby and torn looking even though it is still alive.

  3. i think i read this 1000 times

  4. just gave me F@$**%# chills

  5. love

  6. I agree with calabean…Holy shit.
    I LOVE this poem. You really have a gift.

  7. i love the smell of black malva

  8. SEXY!

  9. I love how you take familiar themes but turn them into totally different uses. It is like the meanings are changed, but you can still understand what you are trying to convey. I enjoy reading. Thanks!
    Your biggest fan!

  10. the balck malva i know is a hair product. i do not know how that fits, but….? ha! i like she uses intersting images to create a mood. most of her posts are dark and aggressive with a twist of “passion fruit”, kinda like black malva

  11. holy shit! you write so beautifully!

  12. what is black malva?

  13. sexy.

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