Happy Wife, Happy Life

Friends want brash, fragile finds me instead
A return to the worst, sick sense of it
Envisage a game lost, if I object to torture
This cruel trick We Others understand
Suspects parade in confirmation
Seers hollow bliss inside deserve curses
New moon slows me low, red, anon, haunting
What have I learned if I turn back now
A look ahead signs warming warning
Only in space can I truly exist
Without pain I know I am nothing
At least for now, it is something to feel
In the wait of a thing less awake, and less awesome
Woes writ darlings complain of pains
Not a witch can wonder what for
I walk steady toward the wake of reality
Force one moment of being beyond Time
Freedom from category and Name
Bemused tricks and absurd wandering
More wise than wondering
And is thus revealed


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on April 1, 2015.

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