Too, Only

To know in an instant that I can do not else
To feel my guts wrench, and before beaten
To again, and again, just almost, and barely
To stand a fever beside and watch as some trick does
Too many years do you call out for me, and I come
Too many times do I call for you, and your ring me good
Too, I fucking love you, only
And whoa! lucky me
Too, let me stand back to agree with the masses
Too fantastic yeah, but you burn everything
To think I will listen
To hear your voice whisper
Too, until you are screaming
To that is nothing compared to the age
Twenty years, too I count each
Too far are you now, only I know how to get back
Only my matters only matter to me
Only meanings I posses are my matters, and not
Only two are meaningful, and this matters, too
Only nothing matters is not meaningless
Too, only I am an instant and meaningless


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on December 2, 2014.

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