Patterns In Nature

To the centre no exit for sure
Vacillations of rage fill every page
Too much disappointment in view yet it is news
Not enough at home so let the children
Is no different later when we trust in someone
You leave me too but who did I think you would be
As soon as you love me you flee
Today I decide to be angry
But by noon I am bored
When I start to plant flowers
Seriously it is true
Planting the jasmines thinking of you
Stabbing the ground with my spades
Earth gives way like broken flesh in a crash
So pouring new blood through stress fractures
I hasten the task
As it truly gives me glee to stab you in the eye
I mean the tree
Years roll to the right and you still live
Not like in my dreams but in my death
To please you as only I can
Grant you your wish and kill my woman
I bury her under this jasmine flower where she scatters
A million times further and wilder and faster
Than any seed you could ever spill
In a wanton gash on a wasted hill
Illusory hours hopes love lasts hovers and still
At last a sweet scent reminds me of impermanence


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on March 31, 2014.

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