The Thing

One begins way before, by One, or One plus a Follower, or Two

One builds a Thing strong and wonderful, and that World has never seen; truly a Great Thing

One will pass this Thing to child, who passes it along to their One and down, for hundreds of years, if One so wishes

Other begins much the same way, only upon finishing this Great Thing, Other comes and takes it away from One by force, or One may sell it, or perhaps One is unsatisfied, and One wills it away

Whatever the Case, One will take a few steps back, turn, and move on

As much as I am sure as One, I am endlessly aware as Other

Will One, or Other, just fucking die already

Blame a slow realization that has never mattered

One will never see One standing, because Other always comes

Other comes and surrounds, and suffocates One out of existence, out of eye, out of might
For Me a feeling I am always losing; losing a Great Thing

Each battle I am losing One, by One, by One, times the same

One must take a few steps back, turn and move on, for One reason, or Other

But keep this One close, and take comfort with knowledge that as soon as Other begins to rise, has already begun descent

A Woman


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on January 31, 2014.

One Response to “The Thing”

  1. very well written, I liked it a lot!

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