A Time, Less

A heated affair
To cross paths again with such a giant is real
Trust will lead to my own destruction
I do not care
You are, so, beautiful
A big, and gentle bend
A brisk walking, then dead again, a dozen or more years
Will you ever become a sickened slave to me
As I, fallen in the heaviest chains for you
You are, so, dark
Your skillful tongue thunders along such accented isles as these
As yours speaks our words here, so loud, and yours there, so softly
I listen in between each breath, for the pause is your choice
And in the wait of it, ecstasy for a following tone, on tone, a ton, a stone can hide me
I can suffer no longer my urge to surrender
Lips, as those that kiss the seas towards the edges of earth, open with a wideness, white as wicked
Carry this heap of my heart where you go tripping
My willingness lost among so many lights in one only sky
Where a break in the cloud leads me one closer to touch no glass
Your shadow will reach past my shoulder
I see though your eyes the North, along side knights
Only you may sit higher
As those with such gifts deserve
If I may forever step in your time, I suggest a duet
Examine no self beneath roots steeped in tiger’s blood
When all I can think about is the smell of your skin
Intake tickle in a touch that sent victory to my spine
All contained the last rhyme of wishes I wasted
I open my eyes to see a new dream
A river spire to take you back, to a time, less
But, our best


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on November 1, 2013.

2 Responses to “A Time, Less”

  1. agreed

  2. omg. this is f@@king beautiful.

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