A Butcher, A Baker

there is no place like home

plantains dip

prehistoric palms whipping

season’s gold fishes swimming in a fountain tub’s bubble

dogs mixing basking

with barking brown squirrels up oak trees in the sun for fun

sounds of the tower’s bells on the hours

and past time

rumble of earths under groove trains’ wheels ribs me

what a home in fall to be becoming

to know this home depends on me

yet nothing at all I can do

as it slips through my fragile fingers

as all things will

ever I know of love has always shown his opposite face

a channel wide

a park squared inter a circle

a nod

and all that matters

is someone to call home


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on November 3, 2012.

9 Responses to “A Butcher, A Baker”

  1. really good with your writing

  2. Love You Joy Happy 2013!

  3. much love

  4. Great job

  5. ;x

  6. I’m confused about the title but I love the poem. I would love to have some background on your writing. I know you write about love but is it from current experience? Do you reflect on past experience? I guess all if it! Also I think your wording is cryptic and somewhat lyrical as there are some lines i enjoy reading over and over. great stuff!

  7. i am really really in love with you

  8. My face is numb

  9. Never mind you always write a tounge twister. I enjoy trying to figure you out. Helps me figure out myself

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