Happiness Without The Hangover

Start here

Begin it


But, go nowhere

Not one step forward

Not to the side

Not a retreat

To the Past

To nowhere

Stop wanting

Hate needing

Notice now

But, go nowhere

Patience practice

Evolutions take time

But, go nowhere

Be The Body



Bleeding heart

Hope, but, go nowhere

Turning inward

Blood from stone

Rejoice the ordinary path

That goes nowhere

And in that quiet

In that…


Is happiness

But, do not follow

It goes nowhere


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on June 14, 2011.

3 Responses to “Happiness Without The Hangover”

  1. example of skill mixed with creativity and a dash of passion.

  2. sometimes the use of religious perspective comes off as too forced. i think this poem is walking a fine line between being a subtle message and a huge slap in the face. but noticed as i read a few others you have written that you are more cunning in your delivery than i gave you credit for at first. if you know little to nothing about buddhism than you may not even see it. but i do! so on second chances i have to say bravo for your edge and ability to mold blood from stone..

  3. meditation and resting in the space

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