Difficulty Is Inevitable

Bow to the Sayers who think we are lost,

Bow to the Players who carry the cost!


Difficulty is inevitable.

Those who have it all figured out are at least half wrong.

Those who admit to nothing are at least half right.

Passing comfort in realizing that difficulty is part of life.

To try to escape pain is more a flaw,

Than a feign to rise above it all.

When we admit our passions they fade to dust,

When we beat on others,

And sure we must,

We only expose our weakness more.

Drawing deeper illusion to the fore.

When common feels lowest,

Reality comes to play.

A path,

Can only be walked in humour and honesty.

Try it sometime.


An interesting note:

For those perfect,

Most misery lay.

Fear of truth,

Can cast a wide shadow.

And express what is most feared~



~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on January 31, 2011.

7 Responses to “Difficulty Is Inevitable”

  1. me 2

  2. like

  3. You inspire!

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  5. we often forget that it is in the most difficult times that we have the opportunity to grow. if everyday we woke up and said how great everything was or how perfect our lives were we would miss out on the fundamental experiences in life that enrich us. those that say that you are filled with anger and obsession are only seeing half the picture. while that may be true to an extent, i believe that if you did not recognize and express those emotions you would only be more damaged by it. to welcome those feelings and use a positive outlet to express and work through them you are doing yourself a huge “service!”
    you are also helping others by being a model (pun!) for healthy self examination and expression

  6. Here Here!

  7. So totally what I needed.

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