Find Out For Yourself

Find Out For Yourself.

Most valued;

No tell.

Study the whole.

Introduction to self;

Introduction to you.

Open see;

Open view;

Most true.

He said,

Find out for yourself.


I do.



If I could give my daughter any gift,

If she would take no other advice but this,

If she would value no other rule save one,

Let it be: Find out for yourself.


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on January 29, 2011.

3 Responses to “Find Out For Yourself”

  1. this is touching. i like you are thinking beyond and for your child.

  2. True! Trust yourself

  3. I wanted to comment on a less volatile page. You seem to get people all flustered around here and I did not want to get lost in it. I think people really do want to look for ways to interpret and understand their feelings. Using a medium like this one is actually very creative. I am sure it is hard sometimes to find any good in feeling negative emotions. All we can do is work through them one day at a time. The good news is, you are doing just that. And allowing others in on that secret is both courageous and dangerous. I am sure you can handle it. I think it is great and I enjoy reading very much. Thanks!

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