Do This In Remembrance Of Me

Today, like no other

I remember you

I protect the emerald glimmer

You entrusted to me

You, a selfless hope

A jolly wonder

Your light eyes shone towards me

I love you

Perfectly imperfect

The first time I met you

You took me

The last time I touched you

You gave me

I honour you

To do what you would

On a day like today

Reach out to those you love

And tell them so

You were the connective

The heart

The last trace

For you

I will lay down my sword

And let go

For you

I will surrender

Those things I have no longer to control

For you

In your memory

For you

In your wake

I am humbled

And I do this

In remembrance of you

In remembrance of me


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on November 21, 2010.

6 Responses to “Do This In Remembrance Of Me”

  1. thank you

  2. this is so beautiful

  3. Made me cry to read this. I have been crying alot more than i am used to lately. I lost someone recently and this makes me think about how much I loved her and still love her. She died of a terminal illness. It seemed like we got a bit lost toward the end, but I tried to be there as much as I could. It is hard loosing anyone under any circumstances. You have to keep their spirit alive in your thoughts and actions everyday. At least as much as you can. Thanks for this reminder. Kevin.

  4. Great great love love

  5. I love YOU!

  6. really sweet!

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