Mother, Like Saucy

Don’t want to be your mother

Day after day

Time after time

No way

Where am I

How’d we get here

Know I called you nurse

But please

How’s a mother get so high

Cause she’s smokin’

Mother left me

Gonna leave you, too

Who’s gonna be yours

When I am gone

Got some idea

Better make ‘em rich

Like saucy

Like cake

Since you let me cry it out

Don’t want to be your mommy

Wanna be your babe

Ready to work you over

And put you to bed


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on October 12, 2010.

5 Responses to “Mother, Like Saucy”

  1. agreed!

  2. Fascinating. No rules. That’s what I love about these. I see your later reference to cummings and and you obviously take great pride in your mastery of language and manipulation. Not necessarily in that order! Great job. I really enjoy trying to figure cut your love life! A lot of times I think I relate.

  3. I like OPs train of thought. You are a saucy momma! Love your work

  4. How do I subscribe to the mind of Joy?

  5. you are like… saucy!

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