High Rollers

See you at the top


Getting there early

Means we will have to wait

I knew right away as we stood

The look in your eye

And the tone in your voice


As the car clicked higher

From higher we fall

The heart skips two beats

Sitting next to

This is our fun

Our play

Tempting one another

Who shows no fear


Head towards the Sand

Neck to the hollow

An island of pleasure

And a blanket of gum

I promise not to lock you out

You look good naked


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on October 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “High Rollers”

  1. i just started reading your blog. i am sure i will have more to say after reading a few more of your posts, but as far as this one goes, i think it is fascinating how you use words. you are not typical in your approcah to imagery and i like that. i can appreciate your shock value with the last line. not sure if you are going for shock value. maybe some sort of narrative? anyway, good job. i enjoy it very much!

  2. You are pretty freaky sometimes. Not sue I “get it” either but who cares! Love your pages

  3. Interesting…I don’t get it but interesting

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