Go All the Way

Splashing water behind walls

Wet into rolling blackness

Sun warms my face

Laughter carefree

A final kiss you

Last goodbye

Not mercy



A hint


Touch lips

Go all the way

Trying to reach it

Entranced in a dream

Parallel on marble floors

Midnight trains collide once, then



~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on September 1, 2010.

7 Responses to “Go All the Way”

  1. wish you were mine

  2. fantastic! love this and The Wall

  3. I have posted about you on whos dated who. I think you are the most beautiful woman. I want to add your pic from the new york times. you modeling was sexy. do you still do the runway? Not only are you beautiful, but you are intelligent and creative. His loss. luv beeva

  4. nice

  5. My best friend turned me on to your page. I feel like you totally read my mind. I do not know who you write about (your husband?) but you have a way of using words to really paint a picture that words usually cannot express. It is really, good. I am going through some of your other poetry and I am just amazed by your talent. Glad I found this blog!

  6. artistic and deeply lovely

  7. i am always amazed

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