The Art of Flying

Two baby birds are perched high above on a long thin tree branch.

Picasso- “…just step off…and flap you wings really fast….like this!” (Picasso leaps from the branch and flies off in a little circle near his friend)

Rothko- “I…I just can’t!”  (digging his clawed toes deeper into the branch)

Picasso- “I know you can fly.  Just flap you wings, and you’ll see!”

Rothko- “Ok.  I will try….but…how will I know when I am flying?”

Picasso- “Well, if you start falling…you are not flying.”

Rothko- (he takes a step) “Well that is easy for you to say!”

Picasso- “Just step off—flap your wings!”  (he demonstrates a flapping motion)

Rothko- (looking toward the ground) “It is a long way down…”

Picasso- “Look—your a BIRD!”

Rothko- “I…I don’t know.  Look at those guys…(he points to a couple of passing dogs below them) Are you sure I am supposed to fly?  How do you know I am a bird?”

Picasso- “Well…”  (walks around him slowly, looking him up and down) “You look like a bird!”

Rothko- “Well…ok then.  Here I go.”

Rothko steps off the branch and begins flapping his wings wildly.  He begins to fall.  With a THUD he lands on a pile of leaves at the bottom of the tree.  Picasso glides down gently beside him.

Picasso- “You ok!?”

Rothko- (gets up and dusts himself off) “Yeah.  Who told you I could fly, anyway?”

Picasso- “Who told you, you couldn’t?”

Picasso sits down on the pile of leaves and puts his wing around Rothko.

Picasso- “We’ll try again tomorrow.”


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on May 22, 2010.

5 Responses to “The Art of Flying”

  1. hmmm. you are pretty funny. is cute post

  2. wow, this is interesting. what does it have to do with love? maybe i am missing something? definately a good image

  3. Is this about love? I guess I do not get that part, but I love the little story!

  4. mark rothko is my favorite artist! cool.

  5. how cute! i like it!

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