360 Give or Take

Rumination could be saved for one day

Daily is exhausting

Rather than dream

Wait till you see

What I already know

Tell me it’s real

Lie to me

Fill my ear with those same words

I keep you

I loose you

Forever in other words


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on May 4, 2010.

4 Responses to “360 Give or Take”

  1. Who convinced you that the crumbs are enough?
    They may be sweet, and yet they leave you hollow with hunger;
    Only serving to remind you of what you could have, but what They refuse to give you.

    Who told you it was okay to lay low in the wilderness
    Hungrily watching for the shadows
    to separate and disappear in the house of your beloved?

    Who deceived you into thinking the embers are sufficient for you
    after They’ve stoked the fire, made it roar
    to warm countless other limbs?

    Sometimes knowledge makes us blind
    and saps wisdom, when accompanied by pride.

    Be strong, big sister – time will eventually reward your effort.

  2. Well I think its funny that a dude comments on how men leave for younger women. So short sighted and so clearly misogynist!
    Whatever dude.
    ANYWAY, I actually love this post. As a woman, to me it says, “I know you I know what you are capable of and I see through it!”

  3. From what I can work out, maybe whoever this person is, they should just be locked in a room to make music and not allowed to interact with people!

  4. There used to be another web site of your poems, but I lost the link. Would you post it please?

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