Like Art

Experiencing total awareness.

Paying attention to now.

For some time, I have been awake.

A great deal of pain.

But there so much to be happy for.

Yet not quiet inside.

Who deeply feels things.

As inconvenient at best.

They let us know what matters to us most.

Reluctant to reveal; common because of their truth.

Response, feelings about a situation,

What has been learned about the world.

Wink. pucker, nod, shrug the shoulder,

Know what to look for.

Like art.

Be brave enough to feel it.


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on November 23, 2009.

5 Responses to “Like Art”

  1. I like art too! You are a true artist! Keep writing, we enjoy it!

  2. I like art. You have a real poetic way of reaching the truth and I enjoy your writing very much. Your post begs me to ask if life imitates art, or if art imitates life? Thanks Joy

  3. I hope you write more soon.

  4. Great! I also like “Farewell to Her Arms” and “O”. Some of you posts are hard to relate to they are more subjective and poetic, but some are so realistic that it kind of takes me back a bit. Pretty courageous to write personal thoughts and feelings like you do for everyone to pick apart. Great job Joy

  5. Hi! I really like your posts about love. I am a new subscriber- my friend turned me on to your page and I am glad she did! Do you write about anyone in particular? or all your past loves? Just curious, but I am sure that is too personal 🙂 Anyhoo, you are a terrific writer!

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