Scientific Method

Wanted to study the beast.

Could not find a case in all my science books.

But it was there, for all to plainly see.

To taste.

To touch.

Never fall in love with a beast with no name.

There is no waiting to set the extreme precedent.

You learn through experience, only.

Cannot believe what they write about it.

Must find out for yourself.

Do not worry about that day.

Do not mark it on your calendar.

Do not write about it.

Or tell your friends all about it.

Do not try to capture it.

Or try to escape it.

Or call it your own.

Do not get impatient.

You do not have to trust me.

In fact, do not.

Just wait.


~ by Joy Suzanne Grazer on November 12, 2009.

5 Responses to “Scientific Method”

  1. Strange. Eerie. I wish I could see a glimpse into that mind, too. You are a poet

  2. I really wish you would go back to modeling. You are so beautiful~ Any man who would let you slip away is a complete terd!

  3. I love your method girl

  4. Joy, It is always a pleasure to read your poetry. I hope you keep pouring your heart out so a few of us can feel like we are understood.

  5. very cool

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