•May 17, 2016 • Leave a Comment

not to rest at one though accustomed
grow to realize not apart but together we sail
a journey of the seule soul defined by rogue route and wry writ
and show we posses a small distraction and joint purpose
let it be to record our last wish if at all we remember
an affair of force we would rather forget
let me define me and I promise to live up too
that gnawing feeling deep in your gut
all my senses surrender to the sweet smell
whether be rotten like i know
or pretense like It knows
revealed as scavengers and beasts
completely and forever changed
there is no truth in minds
we see what we want for singular experience
too fit to falter and won by pride
meaning is projected to from the space of fear less logic
adds more to the secret
perhaps a truth it grows wider still we guess
but if we believe law which we do not
then we dream or we break
a short miracle of empathic transmission i laugh
my vessel unbound by design and more powerfully
a creature of noble will in my own right
and i have always known

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